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Faculty and Postgraduate

The academic implementing element of the University, led by the Dean, is under and responsible to the Rector.

Work Unit

Supporting elements in the implementation of education at the University


Carry out services, develop libraries, hold collaborations between libraries, control, evaluate, and compile library reports.

Information Technology and Database Unit

Manage and develop management information systems, development, network and application maintenance, database management, other technology development, and network cooperation.

Language Development Unit

Carry out language training and development for the University's academic community.

Entrepreneurship and Career Development Unit

Carry out entrepreneurship, career, and professional development for the University's academic community as well as job market information services for alumni.

University Boarding

Carry out services, coaching, academic development and character of students based on Islamic boarding schools.


Academic implementing elements, led by the Chairperson, are under and responsible to the Rector

Institute for Research and Community Service

Implement, coordinate, monitor, and assess research activities and community service.

Quality Assurance Institution

Coordinate, control, audit, monitor, assess, and develop the quality of the implementation of academic activities.